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My Tube Ninja

At last a program that teaches Martial Arts School Owners How To Get New Students Using Youtube!

Hi Its Leigh Childs here and unless you have been stuck in the dark ages (and I know some of us Martial Arts Instructors are) you will already know that more and more potential students are going online FIRST to find out about training and or starting a Martial Arts program, so please read this carefully.

If any of this applies to you then pay very special attention! 
  • You have a website but you are not receiving leads or enquiries from it.
  • You want to get more leads from your website
  • You need help and dont know much at all about all this online stuff.
  • You dont see your school in the front page of Google when you type in “Your Town Martial Arts”
  • You want to DOMINATE your town on the internet (which basically means get a bigger share of the business)
  • You DONT have a big budget
  • You need someone to take care of your online presense.
  • You have bad comments about you or your school and would like to remove them!
  • How to get leads direct from Youtube without them even going to your website!
  • Basically you just need some real HELP from someone who knows what they are doing

Well dont worry, if you have any of these challenges then I have the perfect solution for you.

You are about to discover the reason why you may have been struggling to even be seen and get leads on the internet and most importantly find out about our “turnkey” system that will put you on the map and quite possibly give you the largest most dominant presence on the internet no matter what the size of your school or how long you have been in business!

Be sure to watch this brand new video above until the end and learn the step-by-step process on how to finally leverage the largest search engine on the internet to get more students and leads to your site.

Get Results Like This Over And Over Again

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Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.52.48 PMmytubeninjayoutubedominationresults

Welcome To The My Tube Ninja Program  

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The 7 Modules Of My Tube Ninja Will Include… Here
  • How to set up your Youtube channel
  • The MUST do’s and DONTS!
  • How to upload your videos
  • When to upload your videos
  • Keyword researching for your Martial Arts school
  • Reverse engineering to dominate your competition
  • Uploading strategies
  • Time stamping
  • Annotations
  • Call to action overlays
  • Researching Youtube videos
  • Dominating you competition
  • Channel Optimization
  • And MUCH MUCH MORE – SEE The Bonuses Below…

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Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.59.44 AM

Your Performance Guarantee…

Any feelings of skepticism you may have about investing in a new product is completely normal! This is why I have decided to put in place a performance guarantee. With this guarantee we will get your video on the front page of Youtube for your most popular keyword in your area “Your Town Martial Arts” within 60 days or we will continue to work on your videos for FREE until we have achieved this goal.

We have done it so many times before I can be sure of our results!

With our incredible “DO IT FOR YOU” service this mean very little participation is needed from you although you will need to submit to us the information we need to either access your existing accounts or create new ones (which usually is the best option!)

Again this is just my way of thanking you for your decision to invest on My Tube Ninja.

Heres to your success using our latest program, all the best


Leigh Childs – The MA Success Guy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What specifically will I learn from this product?

A: You will learn how to effectively use video to get more leads, sales and traffic to your site. You will also learn how to master YouTube, get ranked first for your keywords and optimize your videos the fast and easy way, plus much more.

Q: How will this product teach me to generate new students?

A: This product shows you the step-by-step process for finding the right target audience, and shows you how to easily find new students that are already searching for a Martial Arts school in your town. It will also show you how to become a video authority in your niche, and how to turn views on YouTube into new enrollments in your school.

Q: How can this product benefit a Martial Arts school owner on a limited budget? 

A: We understand that most Martial Arts school owners don’t have the big budgets to spend on marketing, and that’s why videos are the perfect tools. It’s easy to make effective videos on a small budget, and you don’t need professional equipment to make a great video. In fact, you don’t even need to be on camera. And the best part is we even have a DONE FOR YOU SERVICE which means you barely have to do a thing to make this work for you.

Q: Why is video so important when it comes to marketing?

A: Well what would you rather do, read a bunch of text? Listen to an audio or WATCH a video to get the “FULL” picture about what your martial arts school is really all about. Martial Arts schools need video marketing more than anything. Video is a growing medium for marketing, and it’s essential to create your own presence on video sites like YouTube, or you are missing out on the opportunity for new leads coming in each month. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience, and know exactly who wants to buy your product or service.

Q: How long will it take me to implement this product and see results?

A: Results vary, but it is common for us to hear that members who go through the training see results in a matter of days after their first video is posted. We’ve also received a number of success stories of people getting new customers in the first week, generating hundreds of sales in a few months, and getting a huge amount of traffic to their website in a short period of time.

Q: What if I’m not tech savvy…can I still implement this product?

A: Yes and the reason why is that not only os the material very easy to digest we also have the complete “DO IT FOR YOU” service which removes all of the guess work and time out of the program.

Q: How is this product delivered?

A: We love instant results, so we want you to experience that as well Right after you sign up you will receive instant access, along with all of the videos, audios, cliff notes, PDF transcripts, and bonuses with a unique login and password just for you. We like to update the content when needed as this allows you to login from any computer all around the world and receive the information at any time.

Q: Who is the creator of this product, and why is he qualified?

A: The creator of this training program is Leigh Childs known as the Martial Arts Success Guy. He ran his own chain of 62 schools and was one of the first owners in UK to net Million Dollars from his schools. He has since gone on to advise many of th every top school owenrs from around the globe generating over $100 Million dollars for his Martial Arts clients and generating millions of dollars on-line selling his incredible Martial Arts business systems.

Q: Why should I buy this product today instead of waiting?

A: This current price is discounted to make it affordable for those who like to take action, as we know those who take action now will get the most results. The product does go up in price very soon as we will be adding new content and training to the course. However, once you sign up you will receive free upgrades and access for life. You also get to take advantage of the “DO IT FOR YOU” system which is only available to those of you who take action quickly.